Barrack’ll Bomb ‘em
By Dan | August 1, 2007 - 8:44 am - Posted in Adoptions, Edukashun, Foreign Affairs, Liberals, Politics & Policy, Stars & Stripes

Freshman novice Senator Barrack Obama (D-Neverneverland) is facing criticism over his recent foreign policy gaffaws.  Senator Obama, who’s leadership experience includes president of the Book of the Month Club, Southeastern Illinois Chapter, recently promised to meet with the world’s despots, should he become president.  The criticism increased today as Mr. Obama promised also to send troops into the sovereign nation of Pakistan to hunt down terrorists.

Senator Obama defended his foreign policy statements, noting that “My campaign is centered around the notion that anything President Bush has done is wrong, so we aught to reverse it.  Meeting with our enemies and invading our friends is the best idea we could come up with.”

Republicans were so stunned by Mr. Obama’s obvious, glaring logical defects, it took several hours for the Republican leadership to call him a mindless half-wit.  “Senator Obama has been attacking this administration’s invasion of Iraq, a menacing dictatorship that sponsored terrorism, and now he is advocating the invasion of a democratic ally that is literally killing itself to fight terrorism.  Maybe he should go back to the minor leagues before he hurts himself,” noted one Republican leader, Arthur A. Neeleft.

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