Say it ain’t so…
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This is just pathetic.  Obama, speaking in Philly says he’s a Phanatic.  Now in Florida, he says he’s “showing the [Tampa Bay Devil] Rays some love.”

I don’t mean to single out Obama, many politicians, especially those running for president, have claimed a sudden, unexplainable rooting interest for teams then in the national spotlight, but come on-at least pick one team per championship.

Are we really that stupid?  I mean, I am a huge New York Giants fan.  Their Superbowl victory over the Patriots will live in my mind as long as I remember by own name.  Does that preclude me from running for office outside of New York/New Jersey and Connecticut?  It shouldn’t.  What’s wrong with saying, “Look, I’m a life-long Yankees fan, so I don’t have an interest in the outcome, but I hope it’s a good, well played game.?”  Or, even more ambitious, what about “I like the Phillies because the Devil Rays are a league rival?”

The point is, do politicians really believe voters are either (a) so stupid they won’t see through this or (b) so vain that they won’t vote for a politician that doesn’t kowtow to the local sports franchise?  I don’t know, if voters believe Obama won’t raise their taxes (yes, even those making less than $250,000 per year), maybe voters are that dumb.

The Rumors of Their Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated
By Dan | October 15, 2008 - 12:57 pm - Posted in Best Of, Edukashun, Foreign Affairs, Government, Op Ed, Politics & Policy, Taxes

Recently, many commentators in the mainstream media here in America and abroad have gleefully announced the death of Capitalism and Conservatism.  We are to believe that the Reagan Revolution has been routed like Ewoks without Luke, Leia and Han.

Conservatism and Capitalism, I can assure you, are both alive, though not so well.  These twin pillars saved America and the free world from feckless impotence of Jimmy Carter and the very feckled and potent ambitions of the Soviet Union; they will not crumble in the face of Barney Frank, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi or any other mental midget on the Left.

Conservatism, while not dead, is homeless.  It was run from its home by Republican greed, avarice and incompetence.  I don’t agree with John McCain on much, but we do agree that Republicans came to change Washington, but Washington changed Republicans.  Spending has run unchecked, earmarks and wasteful programs have run rampant.  These new toys have led Republicans to lose their way and compromise their principles.  Perhaps four years in exile will focus the party’s attention and lead to meaningful reform.  It will at least lead to new blood.

Capitalism is not dead, but it has been framed for murder.  Capitalism did not kill your 401(k), Barney Frank did.  Had he, Chris Dodd, Barack Obama and others not allowed (nay, encouraged) two government created behemoths to flood the mortgage market with billions in subprime loans, everyone would have been better off.  Housing prices would have stayed low, banks would have stayed solvent and retirement accounts would have stayed fat.

Laissez faire capitalism remains the most efficient economic theory.  Consider the following: whom would you trust to advise you and negotiate a transaction on your behalf: Warren Buffett or Nancy Pelosi?  Donald Trump or Barney Frank?  Michael Milken or Mark Foley?  Those who have the mental tools to understand the economy make money.  Those who don’t, run for office.  It is the nature of our world that some politicians will be among the dumbest, least informed, greediest, most incompetent of us.  Almost everyone else will do better things with their talents.  This is not to say every politician is completely out of their depth, but I would not bet on a majority of them being smarter than my dog.  The less the government interferes with your life, your business and your finances, the better.

Nonetheless, it is not yet time to “go John Galt.”  This is not the beginning of the end of our way of life, it is end of the beginning.  Together, we have destroyed slavery, fascism, communism and socialism.  Our task now is to destroy modern liberalism.  We must destroy political correctness and nihilism before it destroys us.  We will overcome the soft bigotry of lowered expectations and restore accountability and common sense to the economy, the legal system and the government.

Conservatism and Capitalism are wounded, but they will return stronger than ever.  Patience is a virtue; capitulation is a sacrilege.  In time, we will see the end of the Democratic majority and the Obama administration.  In time, we will see an end to the forced charity of “patriotic” taxes.  We will see the last welfare check cashed.  We will see an end to the tortured twisting of the words in the storied document that governs us.  We will see a government that knows its limits, recognizes its enemies and aids only its allies.  We will see a strong, proud America leading the world, the entire world, into a free, peaceful and democratic future.  We will once again be a shining city on a hill.

Before the Bailout
By Dan | September 26, 2008 - 2:23 pm - Posted in Business Section, Edukashun, Government, Politics & Policy, Taxes

Chris Dodd and Barney Frank need to resign in disgrace for their reality-blind protection of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the root cause of the current financial crisis.  The fact that these two submorons are allowed to walk free is a textbook definition of abuse of the public trust.  As recently as two years ago, Dodd and Frank were claiming that their owners, Fannie and Freddie, posed no risk to the financial industry.  Before taxpayers are asked to pay one dime, these sanctimonious pricks need to go.

After that, I would prefer any bailout go to the housing industry, not to bailout the banks that decided to take risks without kicking the tires.  I can’t say I blame them completely as the government implicitly guaranteed the obligations of Fannie and Freddie.  The bill has come do, and Chris and Barney want you to pay while they “investigate” which Republican is responsible for their malfeasance.

Windfall Taxes?
By Dan | August 1, 2008 - 4:31 pm - Posted in Business Section, Edukashun, Politics & Policy, Taxes

The media have been screaming bloody murder over Exxon’s recent quarterly results. Even the Anointed One has decreed that these profits are “excessive” and has announced a blatantly socialist plan to further tax Exxon so that he can buy votes with $1000 stimulus checks.

While it’s true that Exxon’s net profits of $11.7 billion is a record quarterly profit for any company, the numbers are far more interesting.  Mark Perry at iStockAnalyst points out that Exxon paid 3 times that amount in taxes already!

As I noted briefly in his comment section, if you simplify Exxon to be solely a gasoline vendor, here is how the average $4 per gallon price breaks down:

Amount Proceeds go to…
$0.186 Federal taxes paid (by you) at the pump
$0.208 (Average) state taxes paid (by you) at the pump
$2.46 Cost of drilling, shipping, refining, marketing.
$0.83 Income taxes, sales taxes and other taxes paid by Exxon.
$0.31 Exxon’s profit.

That means, all tolled, the government (federal, state and local) receives $1.23 per gallon and Exxon receives $0.31 per gallon.

So, who’s making the windfall profit?

By the way, the $2.46?  That mostly goes to foreign governments who own the only lands our Congress will allow us to drill.  I’m sure that will end well.

UPDATE: By the way, if Obama’s $50 billion stimulus plan were enacted, the taxes would (as they are now) merely be passed on to the consumer.  Meaning that, assuming for simplicity sake, everything else remained constant, Obama’s $50 billion would add $1.32 to the price of gasoline.  Even if you assume Exxon’s profits went to zero, the price of gas would instantly go up to about $5.00 per gallon.

$5/gallon gas in January?  Yes We Can!

UPDATE #2:  One reader pointed out that Obama’s plan would spread his “windfall profits tax” over 5 years (and presumably more oil companies than just Exxon).  That would only increase the price to about $4.30 or so.

Tire Inflation: More Hot Air
By Dan | July 30, 2008 - 3:59 pm - Posted in Business Section, Edukashun, Government, Liberals, Op Ed, Politics & Policy, Taxes, Weather

Jim Gereghty at the Campaign Spot points out Obama’s flimsy New Math on tire pressure.  I agree with Jim in general, but I think there’s an easier way to make the point.  First, Obama’s connecting this with offshore oil drilling is ridiculous.  That’s like a doctor telling a man with a cold, if you lay down part of the day, you’d cough less and you won’t need so much cough syrup.  Okay, but why don’t I do both, would that be better?

In any event, Obama is claiming that properly inflating tires would have a significant impact on gas prices.  Let’s take Jim’s assumptions and see:


  • The average commuter commutes 33 miles per day;
  • The average car gets 24 mpg (unlikely, but okay);
  • Improper tire pressure decreases efficiency by 2.5 mpg (average of 2-3 mpg);
  • And 1 out of 3 commuters has improper tire pressure.

Take three random commuters: two travel 33 miles each at 24 mpg (1.375 gallons per day) and the other at 21.5 mpg (1.53 gallons).  The evil, unAmerican commuter is wasting .16 gallons per day.

To put into perspective, this means that uninflated tires increase domestic demand by .16 gallons for every 4.125 gallons.  (All three commuters with properly inflated tires would use (1.375 * 3 = ) 4.125 gallons.)   Put another way, this is an effect of less than 4% (.16 / 4.125).

Assuming you believe in the law of supply and demand, a 4% decrease in demand should correspond to at most a 4% decrease in price.  This ignores effects like stockpiling and the cost of the federal beauracracy needed to ensure compliance.  If the average price of gas is now roughly $4.00 per gallon, a 4% decrease would make it $3.84, saving $.16 per gallon.

To sum up, forcing every motorist to properly inflate their tires would save, at most, $.16 per gallon.

In contrast, the federal tax on gasoline is $.184 per gallon.  Wasn’t there a candidate who said that eliminating this tax was a “typical Washington gimmick” that wouldn’t amount to any real savings?

Washington D.C., 10 Square Miles Almost Completely Surrounded By Reality
By Dan | April 24, 2008 - 1:16 pm - Posted in Edukashun, Government, Taxes

If this is not the height of government stupidity, I fear what that might look like. The city of Washington D.C. (which, you’ll recall, is federal property overseen by the United States Congress) bought 3 electric streetcars three years ago for a total price of $10,000,000. Why? No one really knows, as the city does not have the overhead power lines needed to run the cars, nor does it have a plan to build them.   So the streetcars remain in a factory in the Czech Republic, presumably where the person who bribed the incompetent idiot in D.C. works.

Your tax dollars at work.

Tax relief plan
By Dan | April 15, 2008 - 9:15 am - Posted in Business Section, Edukashun, Government, Liberals, Politics & Policy, Taxes

April 14, 2010

In an effort to alleviate decreasing consumer confidence and skyrocketing food and energy costs, President Obama announced a broad tax relief package today. The plan, which is modeled after President Obama’s anti-foreclosure plan, allows federal judges to reduce the tax burdens of those who cannot afford the fat, bloated government they purchased.

“Just like the economic recovery plan I proposed when running for president,” noted President Obama, “this plan allows for an ex post facto repricing. If a taxpayer is having trouble paying for the enormous bloated bureaucracy they bought when they elected me and my fellow Democrats, they can declare bankruptcy and a federal judge will be empowered to adjust their tax burden.”

Critics of the plan note that it will create what one Senator calls “a reverse ponzi scheme.” At first, the lower middle class will begin to file bankruptcy, “which will increase the burden on those left paying taxes, causing them to file for lower taxes. Eventually, you won’t have anyone left to pay taxes except George Soros, Hillary Clinton and Al Gore.”

President Obama dismissed these claims as unhopeful, saying “I find your lack of hope disturbing.” John Sweeney, the new Secretary of the Treasury, noted that the plan would be “as, if not more successful as the anti-foreclosure rule.” The Treasury department reported that exactly zero home foreclosures have occurred since last month, down from 25 the previous month.

“We have not seen the ‘dramatic’ increase in interest rates predicted by the so called ‘experts,’” noted Secretary Sweeney. The nationwide average interest rate on a 30 year mortgage remains steady at 24%.

Government to Ensure You Take My Money: Unrelated to Election Year
By Dan | February 28, 2008 - 2:21 pm - Posted in Adoptions, Edukashun, Government, Op Ed, Personals, Taxes

The IRS announced today that it would send letters to 130 million U.S. tax (presumably) payers to make sure these people take advantage of its free money giveaway. At a cost of now $.42 each, that’s almost $55,000,000 in additional government waste to encourage people who are too stupid or out of touch to file for a rebate. That is, of course, in addition to the $55 million it will spend to send the checks totalling $168 billion to those, confessedly, idiotic taxpayers.

Is it just me, or is there something terribly wrong here? I, of course, am too wealthy to qualify for these rebates. As one of those “fat cats who don’t pay taxes,” last year I paid over $90,000 in taxes last year (not including sales taxes, telecommunications excise, you-don’t-pay-enough-so-we’ll-charge-you-more taxes (state and federal) and countless indirect taxes on luxury items, like milk and gasoline). In fact, I’m so wealthy that they made a special “alternative” tax just for me.

All of this wealth, and yet my wife and I have one car, can’t afford to buy a house and still have over $100,000 in consumer and student loan debt. It’s great to be wealthy, I just wish it didn’t cost so much.

Of course, there are people who are less fortunate. People like George and Martha Doughn-Reade, who make less income than me, yet still decided to take out an interest only adjustable rate mortage to buy a house they couldn’t possibly afford. It doesn’t take a high-priced Manhattan lawyer to tell you that your payments after the interest-only period will nearly double, or worse.

Now that they’re in trouble, the government also wants me to step in and bail them out. So I’m paying for some schmuck to live in a house that I can’t even afford. To make things worse, the fact that this guy won’t be forced to sell his house means the inflated housing market will stay inflated that much longer. And to top it all off, even the government doesn’t think Mr. and Mrs. Doughn-Reade are smart enough to know there’s a rebate waiting for them. Must be an election year.

Now, the purpose of these rebates is to stimulate the economy. How, exactly, is someone who doesn’t know that an interest-only ARM is a bad idea, going to stimulate the economy with $600 in their pocket? Not to mention that this is a person who, according to the IRS, still doesn’t know that he or she qualifies for that rebate?

If you really want to stimulate the economy, (1) stop robbing people who are making a good living and (2) take your $168 billion and give it to small businesses, who are the heart and soul of the American economy. Of course, what do I know? I’m just one of the “top ten percent” who don’t pay any real taxes.

Hillary To Criminalize Poverty
By Dan | February 4, 2008 - 5:31 pm - Posted in Adoptions, Clinton, Government, Politics & Policy, Taxes

October 10, 2011
The Clinton administration, in an effort to the “Health Insurance for All” program, is looking into the criminalization of poverty.  “Garnishment of wages is just not working, and we still have a significant number of uninsured in this country,” noted one administration official. 

The Department of Garnishment Redistribution and Administration of Benefits has noted that many workers are simply not cooperating with the mandatory insurance enrollment program.  “If people aren’t going to cooperate by earning enough money, we’re going to have to get more aggressive,” noted Hahn Dowt, a GRAB administrator.  “I think there are a number of mechanisms that are possible, including arresting those who refuse to make enough money to pay for their own healthcare.”

IRS Email Hoax
By Dan | November 7, 2007 - 8:22 pm - Posted in Edukashun, Government, Op Ed, Taxes

Clearly the Nigerian scam artists are feeling the pinch of a weak dollar.  I received in my personal email inbox today an email claiming to be from . There were several things that raised my radar about this email:

  1. It purported to be a letter from the government saying they owed me money.  Let me say that again, the IRS was, allegedly, voluntarily notifying me that I had overpaid taxes.
  2. It had a little notice at the bottom that said (Copyright Internal Revenue Service).  For the record, the federal government does not have copyrights on any work it creates or publishes.  Such work is automatically in the public domain.
  3. Did I mention the part about the government owing me money?

Clearly this was a hoax, but I was intrigued.  If you follow the link (which I don’t recommend), it takes you to a hoax page at  This site is apparently a legitimate site that has been targeted.

 In any event, if you get a message from someone claiming to be the IRS, your best bet is to delete it or contact the IRS through