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  • Huntsman picks his lovely wife... 10 hours ago

  • I think Ron Paul just voted for himself as VP. 10 hours ago

  • Finally, we figure out why Gary Johnson brings to the party! #shovelready 10 hours ago

  • @RichLowry agreed, We need him back desperately. 10 hours ago

  • http://t.co/ZHhhrQ1r was the hand over heart thing another dig from Romney to Perry #gopdebate #tcot 10 hours ago

  • @EdMorrissey a woman told me that that's a side effect of HPV. She was crying, so I believe her. 10 hours ago

  • @andylevy we get confused sometimes. Let him die, kill him, pro life. It's very confusing. 10 hours ago

  • How many times has Romney said he or Perry don't know what Perry is talking about? #tcot #gopdebate 10 hours ago

  • If you go more than 30 seconds over, you get a Windows general protection fault. #gopdebate #google 11 hours ago

  • so much for the "let him die" party. /applause for @hermancain 11 hours ago

  • I hope Perry says he looked into Bush's eyes and saw his soul. #putin #gopdebate #tcot 11 hours ago

  • Did some jerkkoff just boo a soldier for being gay? Argue the policy, not the people. 11 hours ago

  • @hermancain would replace the 10 Commandments, the Holy Trinity and all the saints with his 9-9-9 plan. #gopdebate 11 hours ago

  • #huntsman is totally going to ask me to work the weekend, I can feel it. mmkay? #officespace #gopdebate 11 hours ago

  • I wonder how many jobs a border fence would create. It's certainly shovel ready. 11 hours ago

  • RT @JonahNRO: I could totally give Huntsman a chance if he wasn't him. 11 hours ago

  • Plavix admits to conducting clinical trials! #huntsman #selfspoof #gopdebate 11 hours ago

  • http://t.co/nv9pw3wd Can we trade Gary Johnson for @thadmccotter? Guess not. damn. #gopdebate 11 hours ago

  • Forced to cut a department?!? If you're not going to gleefully slash the beast in half, you're on the wrong stage. #tcot #gopdebate 11 hours ago

  • Oh, Shannon. 44% is not a majority. 12 hours ago

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