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  • Huntsman picks his lovely wife... 9 hours ago

  • I think Ron Paul just voted for himself as VP. 9 hours ago

  • Finally, we figure out why Gary Johnson brings to the party! #shovelready 9 hours ago

  • @RichLowry agreed, We need him back desperately. 9 hours ago

  • http://t.co/ZHhhrQ1r was the hand over heart thing another dig from Romney to Perry #gopdebate #tcot 9 hours ago

  • @EdMorrissey a woman told me that that's a side effect of HPV. She was crying, so I believe her. 9 hours ago

  • @andylevy we get confused sometimes. Let him die, kill him, pro life. It's very confusing. 9 hours ago

  • How many times has Romney said he or Perry don't know what Perry is talking about? #tcot #gopdebate 9 hours ago

  • If you go more than 30 seconds over, you get a Windows general protection fault. #gopdebate #google 9 hours ago

  • so much for the "let him die" party. /applause for @hermancain 9 hours ago

  • I hope Perry says he looked into Bush's eyes and saw his soul. #putin #gopdebate #tcot 9 hours ago

  • Did some jerkkoff just boo a soldier for being gay? Argue the policy, not the people. 9 hours ago

  • @hermancain would replace the 10 Commandments, the Holy Trinity and all the saints with his 9-9-9 plan. #gopdebate 9 hours ago

  • #huntsman is totally going to ask me to work the weekend, I can feel it. mmkay? #officespace #gopdebate 9 hours ago

  • I wonder how many jobs a border fence would create. It's certainly shovel ready. 10 hours ago

  • RT @JonahNRO: I could totally give Huntsman a chance if he wasn't him. 10 hours ago

  • Plavix admits to conducting clinical trials! #huntsman #selfspoof #gopdebate 10 hours ago

  • http://t.co/nv9pw3wd Can we trade Gary Johnson for @thadmccotter? Guess not. damn. #gopdebate 10 hours ago

  • Forced to cut a department?!? If you're not going to gleefully slash the beast in half, you're on the wrong stage. #tcot #gopdebate 10 hours ago

  • Oh, Shannon. 44% is not a majority. 10 hours ago

The New Conservative Anthem

Monday, June 23, 2008
By Dan

With apologies to Adam Sandler (and for outing anyone)

Conservatism is
The defense of states’ rights,
Instead of one massive federal program,
We want our tax bill to be light!

When you feel like the only kid in town
Who’s in the G-O-P;
Here’s a list of celebrity Neocons,
Just like you and me…

Frasier’s Kelsey Grammar
Is a red-state voter,
So is Paul Sorvino, Pat Sajak
and rich kid Ricky Schroeder.

Guess who supports Bush’s tax cuts
And thinks Code Pink is scary?
Catherine Bell from JAG
And San Francisco’s Dirty Harry!

Tom Selleck is a Conservative,
Heather Locklear is one too,
Put them both together,
And there’s nothing we can’t do!

You don’t need to pay high taxes,
Or turn over your beloved Glock.
You can lobby Congress with
Regis Philbin and The Rock!

Pull out the superlatives,
Here come the Conservatives
Fiscal plans that’re preserve-ative
When you’re a Conservative!

Hanoi Jane Fonda [not a GOPper]
But guess who is? Easy Rider Dennis Hopper [He converted]

Guess who thinks the Democrats
Take advantage of taxpayers?
Don McLean, Meat Loaf, Bo Derek
And Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

So many Righties are in the show biz
Barbara Streisand isn’t
But I bet her accountant is.

Pull out the superlatives,
Here come the Conservatives
Fiscal plans that’re preserve-ative
When you’re a Conservative!

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3 Responses to “The New Conservative Anthem”

  1. Jason X

    We can we expect the YouTube version set to music? With pics of Catherine Bell?

  2. edh

    Pretty Good. I like that. Informative too.

  3. Sapple

    I appreciate the conservative rap. Nice work.


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