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Hillary’s Speech in Denver

Wednesday, August 27, 2008
By Dan

The speech was very well delivered.  Of course, it contained the usual demagoguery of oil companies and the wealthy.  It even included the idiotic reference to a boy who complained his mother is on minimum wage, but her boss cut her hours.  I remember when she first used that story.  The reason it’s idiotic is that the boy was more likely complaining about the pointlessness of raising the minimum wage.  Even after Democrats forced through an increase, his mom still didn’t make any more money.  It’s an argument against central planning.

But Hillary’s speech was notable more than anything for what she didn’t say.  She never said Barack Obama was qualified to be president.  She never said, or even implied, that she was wrong to question his experience or leadership.  She said she supported him, but not why.  Everything she said about Obama could have just as easily applied to any other Democratic candidate.  With Barack Obama now trailing in the polls (Gallup has McCain up 46-44%), it’s a smart move.  Hillary reminds everyone why she ran and who she is, and oh, by the way, she supports the Democratic nominee, whomever it may be.

Here now, a brief paraphrase of Hillary Clinton’s speech:

I’m proud of my daughter and my country.  Unlike some people, I’ve been proud for a while now.  I’ve worked tirelessly for 35 years for all the policies and programs that just occurred to Barack Obama last week, when he started his political career.

But this campaign wasn’t just about me.  It started in 1848, and I have become more than just a presidential candidate. I have become a symbol of the hopes and dreams of more than half of the nation.  If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

You have to ask yourself why you started supporting me as your candidate.  When you do, remember the words of Harriet Tubman, who said “keep on going.  Don’t stop, ever.”  Seriously, don’t stop supporting me.

But, if you’re going to make the mistake of nominating someone else as the Democratic nominee, well, I’ll support whomever they are for president over my friend, the war hero and accomplished public servant, John McCain.  And if that other Democrat fails, just keep in mind that the last time Republicans were in office for 12 years in a row, a Clinton came in after them.  See you in four years.

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