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Good News! Racism is Dead!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008
By Dan

Daily Danet is proud to report that racism is now dead.

The final blow was dealt this morning by Barney Frank (D-Fannie Mae).  The lifetime congressman from Massachusettstan claimed that Republican criticism of the utter lack of regulation for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac was racist.  “You see, this is clearly an acknowledgment that racism is meaningless,” explained noted race expert Dr. Avery Thingewesai.  “His point here is that, by criticizing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Republicans are attacking poor people who cannot afford housing.  In Mr. Frank’s mind, this is the same as attacking Black people.  Clearly, it’s Mr. Frank who is the racist, but that’s beside the point.”  Dr. Thingewesai explained that if a white, openly gay and racist Congressman can cry racism, racism must be meaningless.  “It truly is the end of an era.”

Dr. Avery Thingewesai is Racist

Other contributing factors include the Associated Press’s accusation that Governor Palin’s criticism of Senator Barack Obama’s ties to unrepentant terrorist William Ayers (who is white) “carry a racial tinge.”  Dr. Thingewesai explained “you see, the only one who is of any race other than white in that equation is Barack Obama.  The AP is clearly implying that any attack on Barack Obama must, therefore, be racist.  How else would you explain the linking of him to a white man as ‘carry[ing] a racial tinge’?”  The statement makes no sense unless “every attack on Barack Obama is, by it’s nature, assumed to be racist.”

Dr. Thingewesai also noted ciritcism of Gwen Ifill as another factor undermining the impact of charges of racism.  “Here you have a woman who has written a book that, if one side wins, she will benefit financially and professionally.  This is the legal and technical definition of bias.  If she were a witness in a trial, her bias would be clear as a matter of law.  And yet, somehow it is racist to raise the topic.  Again, racism is now meaningless.”

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