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Pelocchio calling the Kettle Un-American

Monday, August 10, 2009
By Dan

Nancy Pelosi is a real piece of work. For the Speaker of the House to call the open exercise of free speech un-American is astounding. The fact that she retains her office, much less her liberty and personal safety is a testament to the enduring patience and slow temper of the American people.

Perhaps the Speaker needs a refresher course in what it means to be un-American. She has been wrapped up in a Che Guevara flag so long, she has forgotten what an American flag actually looks like.  So here are a few things that real Americans would not do:

  • It is un-American to pass legislation without reading it. This is not a debatable point.  Subjecting Americans to laws–any laws–of which you do not have personal and complete knowledge is an abdication of your duty.  There is nothing more un-American than that.  Stop whining and do your job.
  • It is un-American to dismiss honest protesters exercising their right to free speech as mobs, thugs and “AstroTurf.”
  • It is un-American to then summon your union goons to provoke a fight in loud but otherwise peaceful meetings.  Americans know the difference between a hired mob and honest protesters.  Honest protesters wear their own clothes, have hand written signs and look passionate or concerned.  Hired mobs wear SEIU t-shirts, hold professional (no-doubt union-made) signs and look irritable or constipated.
  • It is un-American, and downright cowardly, to hide from conflict and quash dissent by hosting structured “prayer-meetings“; invitation only events; one-way conference calls and other “stealthcare” meetings.  Listening tours are intended to be a place for voters to speak and politicians to listen.
  • It is un-American to buy off criticism with amendments and handouts.  It is shocking to offer a bribe to a man in public.  It is disgusting to offer a man a bribe in public regarding his son’s cerebrial palsy.
  • It is un-American to reflexively and loudly accuse your constituents of being plants, rather than answer an honest question from a concerned voter.
  • It is un-American to constantly push off public questions to private meetings that never seem to happen.
  • It is un-American to lecture others about their carbon footprint saying “every aspect of our lives must be subjected to an inventory” and then buy three luxury private jets that can fly from Washington D.C. to Dubai without refueling.
  • It is un-American to compare U.S. soldiers guarding terrorists to Nazi guards at concentration camps.
  • It is un-American to impugn the integrity of the entire CIA in order to avoid responsibility for your own actions.
  • It is un-American to malign an entire industry for making a profit in the vain attempt to score political points.
  • It is un-American to befoul and despoil the high office of Speaker of the House with your loathsome excuse for leadership.

Nancy Pelosi should resign immediately and if there is anything left in her resembling honor or decency, she would slink away quietly into retirement, never to be heard from again.  But then again, that would be the honorable, decent and very American thing to do.  Nancy Pelosi would never do that.

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2 Responses to “Pelocchio calling the Kettle Un-American”

  1. Rick

    She should be waterboarded! As soon as Eric Holder is not busy he should get right to iy.

  2. Dan

    If you’re going to go through the trouble of waterboarding her, I say we use crude oil.


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