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  • Huntsman picks his lovely wife... 33 minutes ago

  • I think Ron Paul just voted for himself as VP. 36 minutes ago

  • Finally, we figure out why Gary Johnson brings to the party! #shovelready 41 minutes ago

  • @RichLowry agreed, We need him back desperately. 42 minutes ago

  • http://t.co/ZHhhrQ1r was the hand over heart thing another dig from Romney to Perry #gopdebate #tcot 44 minutes ago

  • @EdMorrissey a woman told me that that's a side effect of HPV. She was crying, so I believe her. 49 minutes ago

  • @andylevy we get confused sometimes. Let him die, kill him, pro life. It's very confusing. 53 minutes ago

  • How many times has Romney said he or Perry don't know what Perry is talking about? #tcot #gopdebate 55 minutes ago

  • If you go more than 30 seconds over, you get a Windows general protection fault. #gopdebate #google 58 minutes ago

  • so much for the "let him die" party. /applause for @hermancain 1 hour ago

  • I hope Perry says he looked into Bush's eyes and saw his soul. #putin #gopdebate #tcot 1 hour ago

  • Did some jerkkoff just boo a soldier for being gay? Argue the policy, not the people. 1 hour ago

  • @hermancain would replace the 10 Commandments, the Holy Trinity and all the saints with his 9-9-9 plan. #gopdebate 1 hour ago

  • #huntsman is totally going to ask me to work the weekend, I can feel it. mmkay? #officespace #gopdebate 1 hour ago

  • I wonder how many jobs a border fence would create. It's certainly shovel ready. 1 hour ago

  • RT @JonahNRO: I could totally give Huntsman a chance if he wasn't him. 1 hour ago

  • Plavix admits to conducting clinical trials! #huntsman #selfspoof #gopdebate 1 hour ago

  • http://t.co/nv9pw3wd Can we trade Gary Johnson for @thadmccotter? Guess not. damn. #gopdebate 1 hour ago

  • Forced to cut a department?!? If you're not going to gleefully slash the beast in half, you're on the wrong stage. #tcot #gopdebate 1 hour ago

  • Oh, Shannon. 44% is not a majority. 2 hours ago

Tell the White House There is Someone Misinforming America About Healthcare: He lives at 1600 Penn Ave.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009
By Dan

The White House is asking for your help in locating those traitorous bastards who would lie about the People’s Glorious Healthcare Reform.™

They are encouraging you to report on your fellow citizens, even if they only lie about the People’s Glorious Healthcare Reform™ in “casual conversation” (!) by emailing .  (Be sure to also tell the government if you suspect your neighbors of cheating on their taxes, removing mattress tags or speeding).

Here is what I suggest you do: write to tell the overbearing Obama administration (as I already have) that you know of somone who is lying constantly about healthcare reform:

There’s a guy I know who’s CONSTANTLY lying about healthcare! He keeps saying that we can cover more people for less money. He lies so much, I think I may actually believe what he’s saying! He lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, please hurry, before he lies again!

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    [...] telling.  Instead of a mature, adult acceptance of a divergent viewpoint, Obama asks Americans to spy on their neighbors.  For a man whose sole accomplishment prior to public office is being a community organizer, you [...]


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