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Newsflash: Pedophilia and Incest are still illegal and still disgusting.

Monday, September 28, 2009
By Dan

Sunday’s arrest in Sweden of French filmmaker and liberal sweetheart, Roman Polanski on a 31 year-old arrest warrant has made it necessary to remind liberals and Europeans (but I repeat myself) that no amount of Academy Awards make up for drugging and raping a 13 year old.  In 1977, Polanski, a French citizen, admitted to drugging and then raping a 13-year old girl in Los Angeles, a girl, who, would now be 45 years old.  He was released on bail and immediately fled to Europe where he has been a fugitive for over 30 years.

No amount of Academy Awards make up for drugging and raping a 13 year old.

Let me be clear for anyone who might be uncertain, it is never okay for a 44 year old man to have sex with a 13 year old.  Ever.  Not even if the 44 year old man is a celebrity.  Or French. It is illegal. It is disgusting. It is immoral. And it is and unforgivable breach of trust.  If I were ever in the unlikely position to find Roman Polanski alone in a room with one of my underage cousins, I would not ask questions or give him the benefit of the doubt.  I would find the nearest solid object and beat him to death with it.  He is scum and should be cast out from society like the pariah he is.

As I noted in my prior post, even more disconcerting, however, is how society seems to be becoming either numb or complacent to such horrible breaches of morality and decency.  Have liberals so infested our morality that we cannot even discriminate against an admitted pedophile and rapist? Have we so choked down political correctness that we do not even recoil at a monster who has admitted to prying off the panties of a 13 year old girl with quaaludes and champagne?

Rather than ask forgiveness, Polanski has asked for Academy Award consideration.

Some will say his films somehow redeem his prior acts.  Really?  Redemption begins with remorse, and Polanski has shown none.  He has fled justice for over 30 years and lived in luxury.  Rather than ask forgiveness, he has asked for Academy Award consideration.  Moreover, there is no box you can check that allows you to be judged as a celebrity.  There is one rule of law and one code of morality and they apply to everyone equally.  Those now clamoring for Polanski‘s release on grounds that he is a celebrity are his accomplices in his immorality.  They aid and abet his status as a fugitive and provide him with comfort and shelter when he should be shunned and ostracized.

The same is true for Mackenzie Phillips.  I don’t watch Oprah, but I had to make an exception, and this was disgusting. Mackenzie Philips was not confessing or confiding a dark secret, she was bragging.  She was glad to have had an incestuous relationship with her father–and that is disgusting.  The fact that I have to state that that is disgusting is disgusting.  The fact that Oprah–and the audience–were able to listen without shouting at her “What the hell is wrong with you,” is disgusting.  At one point, Phillips compared her own consensual incest to Oprah’s experience of being (involuntarily) raped by her cousin.  And Oprah merely nodded in agreement!  Excuse me?  A 30 year consensual incest (that only ended–allegedly–upon pregnancy) cannot compare with a rapist from which the victim flees and later seeks treatment, rather than writing a book and trying to revive a failed career.

Then this would have devolved into the shunning, tomato throwing affair that this Oprah episode should have been.

The fact that no one in the audience got up and walked out is a troubling statement of the apathy in our society.  As I mentioned in my earlier post, just one person standing up and pointing out how horribly disgusting Phillips’ story was, would be enough to break the others out of their silence.  Then this would have devolved into the shunning, tomato throwing affair that this Oprah episode should have been.

There is a theory that says that, in an emergency, 10% do the right thing; 10% do the wrong thing and 80% follow.  In a plane crash, for example, 10% of the survivors will lead you to the exit; 10% will panic and lead you into deeper into the wreckage.  The rest will follow instructions; whether from the good leaders or the bad is a matter of chance.  I believe that, especially in times like these, when people’s finances, nerves and souls are stretched, they behave the same way.  The problem though, is that those who would lead us in the right direction are silenced.  Silenced by political correctness; by brain-dead liberals who fling charges of racism like their own feces;  and by the need to keep their heads down and keep food on their own table.

Those who would lead us are silenced by political correctness and by brain-dead liberals who fling charges of racism like feces.

I consider myself more of a libertarian than a conservative.  In most cases, I don’t have a problem with what people choose to do with their own bodies in their own homes.  But there are limits, and incest, rape and pedophilia go well beyond those limits, even if consensual.  The more we let monsters like Roman Polanski and Mackenzie Phillips walk among us as normal people, the more we degrade society.  We each have a solemn duty to protect society from decline by occasionally shouting out “What the hell is wrong with you?!?”  There is nothing wrong with with being judgmental in and of itself.  Where being judgmental means turning your nose up at the garbage man or the questioning someone’s purchasing habits, I agree being judgmental is a bad thing.  But no one should be so nonjudgmental that they cannot tell the difference between a normal human being and these two scumbags.

We each have a solemn duty to protect society from decline by occasionally shouting out “What the hell is wrong with you?!?”

For those who think I’m being too tough on Mackenzie Phillips, think about this: what does her cavalier attitude–and Oprah’s–teach a young girl who may be solicited by her own father?  Does it not make that girl think, “What’s the big idea? Mackenzie Phillip did it and Oprah thought it was okay.”  What about Mackenzie Phillips’ gleeful telling of her “Mick Jagger” story?  A child seeing that would think it’s okay to have sex with your parent’s friends–is that the lesson Oprah wants to teach?  The fact the story went unchallenged by Oprah would mean a child would think such conduct is appropriate.  A child should see Mackenzie Phillips sunned and shamed for what she revealed, not embraced or even discussed without judgment.  (Of course it would be different if Phillips showed the slightest twinge of regret or self-loathing, in which case, compassion should be shown–children and others would see by Phillips’ own contempt that her conduct was wrong.)  Shunning and ostracizing works for two reasons: it isolates the outlier and teachers them that their behavior is unacceptable; but more important, it serves as a warning to others who might have considered engaging in the same conduct.  We should get back to our old ways.  They won’t let me carry a torch a pitchfork, so I’ll have to carry around rotten tomatoes.

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