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Stuck on Stupid: Pelocchio Tries Again to Silence Dissent.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010
By Dan

Nancy Pelosi yesterday called for an investigation of the opponents of the mosque near Ground Zero.  Let’s take a look at her once again failed logic.

First, her stated reason for the investigation is that, in her opinion, we should not be talking about this in an election year.  With all due respect (which is to say, none), the Speaker of the House, or even Congress, does not get to decide the topic of politic conversation.  Ironically, it is the First Amendment that protects Americans from small minded, egotistical morons, like Speaker Pelosi.

Second, the only reason proffered by any Democrat to allow the mosque (including RINO Bloomberg), is that the congregation has a right to build their mosque anywhere they want.  First, this is simply not true.  We have zoning laws for the very reason that churches and synagogues and mosques do not belong in certain areas.  The First Amendment protects the practice of religion and prevents the government from establishing a religion.  It does not guarantee a zoning waiver.  Second, even if there were a right to build a mosque anywhere in the city, it is unwise (at least in the minds of more than 2/3 of Americans) to build one so close to a place where 3,000 people were murdered in the name of Islam.

Finally, it was not some vast right wing conspiracy that brought the issue to public attention.  It has been reported on for weeks now, but only when President Obama made an idiotic, pandering statement at a Ramadan dinner (one which he quickly backpedaled from the next day) did this issue become a huge political football.  Had Obama said nothing, or even had he agreed with the 68% of Americans who oppose the mosque, this would not be a political wedge issue.

The broader problem is that Democrats, especially Pelochio, resent having to explain themselves.  They consistently take positions in opposition to the mainstream–often a substantial majority of the mainstream–and cannot understand why they have lost the respect of those they attempt to govern.  This may not be “let them eat cake,” but it will nonetheless lead down the same path if uncorrected.

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