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  • Finally! Circumstantial evidence that Attorney Eric Holder can read! Whines about Daily Caller coverage. http://t.co/FkRkP7RW 1 month ago

  • Carrie Fisher: Lady killer Ted Kennedy once asked me if I’d have sex with Dodd. I'd rather have been on Alderaan. http://t.co/FIZy1wN4 1 month ago

  • http://t.co/nlDnIkKJ Love lost at the White House. 1 month ago

  • Obama: the Grinch who taxed Christmas. http://t.co/k02ozbil 1 month ago

  • Cain allegedly partied like it was 1997, followed in Clinton's footsteps at the same time as Clinton. http://t.co/jgI62Wuk 1 month ago

  • Apparently, 99% of the U.S. is rich, according to Obama (Most OWS protestors live in households with >$250K income) http://t.co/FVM07c4f 2 months ago

  • Obama plays the Tebow Card: If it hadn't been for me, we would've lost 9 to nothing. 4 more Trillion, 4 more trillion! http://t.co/s1UN5K97 2 months ago

  • Berkeley University not so honest about climate change data. Fail to note that there has been no warming for 10 years. http://t.co/hgbDGxVj 2 months ago

  • Pelosi on Boeing's non-union plant in SC: Shut it down, fire everyone of the 4,000+ workers. Best Speaker EVAR! http://t.co/3Y79IoeR 2 months ago

  • Bloomberg might be a Republican after all--blames Congress for mortgage crisis. http://t.co/DH3TxKN6 2 months ago

  • Key warning sign that green company will go bankrupt: it received money from Obama's DOE. Exhibit B: Beacon Power Corp. http://t.co/w45xF3TR 2 months ago

  • Jon Corzine loses other people's money. Not a repeat from 2006, 2007, or 2008 gubernatorial coverage. http://t.co/FlmNVHYE 2 months ago

  • Word to the wise: Tyler Durden not a good Halloween costume. http://t.co/RUIgxQKW 2 months ago

  • It's hard to be the first lady. Haaaaaaard. http://t.co/W1GX6MRE 2 months ago

  • Michelle DO'bama: GOP will take away your freedoms. Not likely, and at least you could still eat a cheeseburger. http://t.co/B0OwAhNZ 2 months ago

  • Winning, without Charlie Sheen--Only top rated shows that are not staring @aplusk are NFL games. http://t.co/YLTfa3lc 2 months ago

  • Michelle DO'bama: GOP will take away your freedoms. Not likely, and at least you could still eat a cheeseburger. http://t.co/nvMkC698 2 months ago

  • The politics of disaster: Obama sets record for disaster declarations, but experts see politics at play. Nah! Can't be! http://t.co/GP7J5P4U 2 months ago

  • Liberals: Dangers of income inequality as indisputable as Global Warming™. On that, we agree. http://t.co/KkiwPcZv 2 months ago

  • Whine House: Being president is Haaaaard. We never got breaks like the other 43 did. http://t.co/Xgd4P126 2 months ago

NYTimes shocked, SHOCKED! to find that Muslim Bro’hood taking over Egypt. Good thing they are secular.

Friday, March 25, 2011
By Dan

NYTimes shocked, SHOCKED! to find that Muslim Brotherhood taking over in Egypt.  Good thing they are secular.  The MUSLIM Brotherhood.

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