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EventRoots pushes for equal access to convention cities.

Thursday, June 23, 2011
By Dan

In light of the evil, greedy corporate groups, like Netroots Nation, angling to  excluding opposing voices from conference cities, a group calling itself EventRoots has been formed call for legislation to battle this injustice.

“We here at EventRoots believe that it is the moral duty of hotel owners and convention centers to provide us a forum to express our vitriol against them,” noted Hope Okrasy, spokeswoman for EventRoots.  “We are a nation of laws,” she continued, “and those laws should require private businesses to provide us with a public forum to air our ideas, no matter how condescending, hypicritical or idiotic.”  The group’s website states that it is in favor of defending individual rights, intellectual property and personal freedom, “even if it means seizing hotel and conference room space at the point of a gun.”

Ms. Okrasy is calling for EventRoots supporters to join the EventRoots Congress in Providence, Rhode Island next year.  “We want our supporters to come out of their parents’ basement and show their support for the cause.”

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