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  • Perry's "what Texas said" schtick is going to get old. Who the hell is RICK?!? 5 minutes ago

  • I don't think my mere 46" TV can fit all of bill o'reilly's ego. #tlot 12 minutes ago

  • http://t.co/t2hau2jD Congress to honor member censured for ethics violations--permament portrait. Bring your own darts. #fail #rangel 7 hours ago

  • http://t.co/4Ge7GL5g - The Fierce Hypocrisy of Hate Crime Proponents 7 hours ago

  • http://t.co/TdNH2O4R Somewhere, @bwilliams cries for Lawrence Russell Brewer. #tcot 9 hours ago

  • @An0nymousPR @nyctech How do you expect companies like Apple to innovate without access to capital? No Goldman, no Apple. 20 hours ago

  • Pull quote from http://t.co/6KCAKhZX: They beat on the fuselage of the gleaming, silver jet of capitalism and grunt "make fly now!" #tcot 20 hours ago

  • "They see capitalism as an incomprehensible dark art involving incantations read from the Wall Street Journal over mahogany altars." 20 hours ago

  • Pull quotes from my latest post: "Liberals love to throw money at things, especially when it’s someone else’s money." http://t.co/6KCAKhZX 20 hours ago

  • http://t.co/6KCAKhZX - Stop Monetary Policy from Getting Progessively Worse 20 hours ago

  • http://t.co/3Z9m0sip - Throw Money At It 22 hours ago

  • http://t.co/02AGKQD9 @stevebenen would rather make your children suffer through hyperinflation than undergo austerity now. #tcot 1 day ago

  • http://t.co/LobbOajz "I blamed everyone." Lars Larson does Obama. #country #funny #parody 1 day ago

  • http://t.co/O1hxoXYD CNN manages to insult a superhero and his secret identity with one question. Hint, Clark Kent is putting on an act. 1 day ago

  • http://t.co/nfcSxsQh After regulating your free checking out of existence Dick Durbin criticizes GOP for sending a letter to the Fed. #tcot 1 day ago

  • http://t.co/MTR4GiT5 Mission Viejo targets bible study group; say need permit. What about poker night and Sunday football gatherings. #tcot 1 day ago

  • http://t.co/Ozo3ychK Dumbass Al Gore intentionally discloses material non public information about Apple; he sits on the board. 1 day ago

  • http://t.co/hnYbroYL Smartest. President. EVAR! 1 day ago

  • http://t.co/72KK8Wk4 Federal government fined broker $15,000 for hiring too many people. #tcot #fail 1 day ago

  • http://t.co/9topIGzM - So many scandals to choose from 2 days ago

After starting a petty squabble, Odrama tries to pretend he is the bigger man.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011
By Dan

After starting a petty squabble, Odrama tries to pretend he is the bigger man.

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