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  • Finally! Circumstantial evidence that Attorney Eric Holder can read! Whines about Daily Caller coverage. http://t.co/FkRkP7RW 1 month ago

  • Carrie Fisher: Lady killer Ted Kennedy once asked me if I’d have sex with Dodd. I'd rather have been on Alderaan. http://t.co/FIZy1wN4 1 month ago

  • http://t.co/nlDnIkKJ Love lost at the White House. 1 month ago

  • Obama: the Grinch who taxed Christmas. http://t.co/k02ozbil 1 month ago

  • Cain allegedly partied like it was 1997, followed in Clinton's footsteps at the same time as Clinton. http://t.co/jgI62Wuk 1 month ago

  • Apparently, 99% of the U.S. is rich, according to Obama (Most OWS protestors live in households with >$250K income) http://t.co/FVM07c4f 2 months ago

  • Obama plays the Tebow Card: If it hadn't been for me, we would've lost 9 to nothing. 4 more Trillion, 4 more trillion! http://t.co/s1UN5K97 2 months ago

  • Berkeley University not so honest about climate change data. Fail to note that there has been no warming for 10 years. http://t.co/hgbDGxVj 2 months ago

  • Pelosi on Boeing's non-union plant in SC: Shut it down, fire everyone of the 4,000+ workers. Best Speaker EVAR! http://t.co/3Y79IoeR 2 months ago

  • Bloomberg might be a Republican after all--blames Congress for mortgage crisis. http://t.co/DH3TxKN6 2 months ago

  • Key warning sign that green company will go bankrupt: it received money from Obama's DOE. Exhibit B: Beacon Power Corp. http://t.co/w45xF3TR 2 months ago

  • Jon Corzine loses other people's money. Not a repeat from 2006, 2007, or 2008 gubernatorial coverage. http://t.co/FlmNVHYE 2 months ago

  • Word to the wise: Tyler Durden not a good Halloween costume. http://t.co/RUIgxQKW 2 months ago

  • It's hard to be the first lady. Haaaaaaard. http://t.co/W1GX6MRE 2 months ago

  • Michelle DO'bama: GOP will take away your freedoms. Not likely, and at least you could still eat a cheeseburger. http://t.co/B0OwAhNZ 2 months ago

  • Winning, without Charlie Sheen--Only top rated shows that are not staring @aplusk are NFL games. http://t.co/YLTfa3lc 2 months ago

  • Michelle DO'bama: GOP will take away your freedoms. Not likely, and at least you could still eat a cheeseburger. http://t.co/nvMkC698 2 months ago

  • The politics of disaster: Obama sets record for disaster declarations, but experts see politics at play. Nah! Can't be! http://t.co/GP7J5P4U 2 months ago

  • Liberals: Dangers of income inequality as indisputable as Global Warming™. On that, we agree. http://t.co/KkiwPcZv 2 months ago

  • Whine House: Being president is Haaaaard. We never got breaks like the other 43 did. http://t.co/Xgd4P126 2 months ago

CERN discovery upends climatology. So much for Huntsman’s established science.

Friday, August 26, 2011
By Dan

CERN discovers more evidence of sun-driven climate change. So much for Huntsman’s established science.

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