Government to Ensure You Take My Money: Unrelated to Election Year
By Dan | February 28, 2008 - 2:21 pm - Posted in Op Ed, Government, Taxes, Personals, Edukashun, Adoptions

The IRS announced today that it would send letters to 130 million U.S. tax (presumably) payers to make sure these people take advantage of its free money giveaway. At a cost of now $.42 each, that’s almost $55,000,000 in additional government waste to encourage people who are too stupid or out of touch to file for a rebate. That is, of course, in addition to the $55 million it will spend to send the checks totalling $168 billion to those, confessedly, idiotic taxpayers.

Is it just me, or is there something terribly wrong here? I, of course, am too wealthy to qualify for these rebates. As one of those “fat cats who don’t pay taxes,” last year I paid over $90,000 in taxes last year (not including sales taxes, telecommunications excise, you-don’t-pay-enough-so-we’ll-charge-you-more taxes (state and federal) and countless indirect taxes on luxury items, like milk and gasoline). In fact, I’m so wealthy that they made a special “alternative” tax just for me.

All of this wealth, and yet my wife and I have one car, can’t afford to buy a house and still have over $100,000 in consumer and student loan debt. It’s great to be wealthy, I just wish it didn’t cost so much.

Of course, there are people who are less fortunate. People like George and Martha Doughn-Reade, who make less income than me, yet still decided to take out an interest only adjustable rate mortage to buy a house they couldn’t possibly afford. It doesn’t take a high-priced Manhattan lawyer to tell you that your payments after the interest-only period will nearly double, or worse.

Now that they’re in trouble, the government also wants me to step in and bail them out. So I’m paying for some schmuck to live in a house that I can’t even afford. To make things worse, the fact that this guy won’t be forced to sell his house means the inflated housing market will stay inflated that much longer. And to top it all off, even the government doesn’t think Mr. and Mrs. Doughn-Reade are smart enough to know there’s a rebate waiting for them. Must be an election year.

Now, the purpose of these rebates is to stimulate the economy. How, exactly, is someone who doesn’t know that an interest-only ARM is a bad idea, going to stimulate the economy with $600 in their pocket? Not to mention that this is a person who, according to the IRS, still doesn’t know that he or she qualifies for that rebate?

If you really want to stimulate the economy, (1) stop robbing people who are making a good living and (2) take your $168 billion and give it to small businesses, who are the heart and soul of the American economy. Of course, what do I know? I’m just one of the “top ten percent” who don’t pay any real taxes.

More on Global Cooling
By Dan | February 27, 2008 - 1:13 am - Posted in Weather, Science

DailyTech has a very interesting article about Global Cooling.  Be sure to rev up your SUV to combat the sun’s arrogant attempts to disprove Al Gore.  As this blog has pointed out many times, solar variability seems to be the real driving factor in climate change.  Nearly 400 years ago an unusually warm period, not unlike the past decade, immediately preceded the mini-ice age of the 1600’s.  Fortunately for me, my Durango has heated seats and four wheel drive for those July blizzards.

There are three critical differences between Al Gore’s Global Warming charade and Global Cooling.  First, Global Cooling is real and it poses a risk.  Slight increases in Global Temperature will make it easier to farm (though not on the coast), and mankind will be able to survive a little flooding, even to the extent Mr. Gore exaggerates.  Global Cooling would cause drastic shortages of food, shelter, clothing and water.  You can’t grow corn in frozen tundra or permafrost.

Second, if the Al Gore is to be believed, it will take 100 years to see irrefutable changes do to Global Warming.  (In other words, changes that could not be due to normal variability).  If the sun’s surface radiation dropped, say 10%, do you know how quickly we would feel the effects?  100 years?  50 years?  Ten years?  Try within minutes.  It takes 8 minutes for the sun’s rays to travel from the surface of the sun to our little planet.  Cut that off and we freeze like Pluto.  The sun is the only thing that keeps us warm and Earth habitable.  Without it’s constant rays, not only would it be pretty dark outside, we would slowly begin to freeze as the Earth’s temperature cooled like a pie out of the oven.

Finally, and this is crucial, the cause and the solution.  My suspicion has always been that, subconsciously or not, Al Gore and his unmerry band of men in UN suits have so quickly and unquestioningly endorsed Global Warming™ because of a deep ceded liberal guilt.  They believe they have found an environmental cause they can blame on the wealthiest nation in the world, and they’re all too happy to externalize that guilt.  The sun?  It’s a lot like the weather…there ain’t a damn thing you can do about it.

Stay warm out there.

Democrats Must Answer Questions On Associations
By Dan | February 26, 2008 - 11:44 am - Posted in Politics & Policy, Media & Marketing, Today in History

[Dispatches from the future, where the media and “intellectual” bias has been reversed in full]
February 23, 2034

The star-studded Republican presidential field met today with Professor Eric Rudolph, a right of passage for those seeking public office. Dr. Rudolph, Dean of the University of Illinois Law School, is seen as the standard bearer for the party. Jack Rodham, the Republican front-runner, was an intern for the defense and observed Dr. Rudolph’s 2005 political trial. “He’s one of my personal heroes,” noted the charismatic Senator Rodham. “It was a perfect day, the day I bombed the abortion clinic in Birmingham,” Dr. Rudolph said of his Fetus Freedom Fighting days. “I don’t regret setting bombs” and “I feel we didn’t do enough.”

Tomorrow, the Republican candidates, one of whom will likely be the next president, will attend a debate at the Strom Thurmon Segretarium, moderated by Rush Limbaugh Jr., Ronald Reagan III, and former president George W. Bush.

Separately, Democratic presidential front-runner Chelsea Clinton (D-Manitoba), daughter of the disgraced William Jefferson Clinton, has been forced to answer questions about her affiliations to radical Left-Wing groups yet again today. The Fox New York Post Today is reporting that Clinton’s holography site includes mental ad images from “far left wing groups” such as the Teacher’s Union and the ACLU. Mrs. Clinton has denied these claims. This is the third controversy in as many days for Mrs. Clinton, who hopes to also overcome charges she has hired minorities without government approval, as well as another inflammatory charge that she has made private comments questioning supply-side economics.


[If you think this post glorifies abortion bombers, anti-minority sentiments or segregation, you’re reading it wrong.]

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Cold Enough For You?
By Dan | February 25, 2008 - 3:46 pm - Posted in Op Ed, Weather

A very interesting article in, of all places, the Canadian National Post, about how this winter has broken so many cold weather records, and recent rethinking of Global Warming™.

Of course, you have to take this with a grain of salt. I’m sure we’ll hear from Al Gore’s Denial Media Machine that the National Post, indeed, all of Canada, is beholden to Big Oil™.

Just once, I’d like to see someone on my side of the aisle lash out at one of these environmental wackos like Al Gore as being “a puppet for Big Green™.”

Sen. Kerry’s Helicopter Forced To Land; Senator Awarded Fourth Purple Heart
By Dan | February 22, 2008 - 3:12 pm - Posted in Politics & Policy

A moderate snow storm in Afghanistan forced a helicopter carrying Senators Kerry, Hagel and Biden, to make an emergency landing.  Senator Kerry received several cuts and bruises and “severe emotional scars that seared, seared, the event into his memory.”  Senator Kerry was immediately and “anonymously” nominated for a purple heart, which was granted despite the lack of enemy activity or the fact that the Senator is no longer in the military.  “This is not unusual,” noted on active-duty military historian, “especially in Kerry’s case.”

Senator Biden was unharmed, but noted that the landing “could’ve been done better.”  “I remember when my father was a helicopter pilot, and had to make an emergency crash landing, and it was a lot smoother.”  Senator Biden did note, however, that the pilot seemed “clean and articulate.”

Senator Hagel demanded that all U.S. forces evacuate Afghanistan and mocked the military weather service for saying the storm was in its “last throes.”

Hillary Launches Anti-Discrimination Campaign
By Dan | February 21, 2008 - 1:35 pm - Posted in Politics & Policy, Clinton, Edukashun

In a desperate attempt to save her faltering campaign, Hillary Clinton (D-Your State Here!) has launched an anti-discrimination campaign. The campaign was launched with the Delegate Count website, As the site notes, Hillary’s official campaign position is that “Pledged delegates and [superdelegates] are the same - they each count for one vote!” The blurring of the line between pledged delegates and what the site calls “automatic” delegates is a Clintonian masterstroke, similar to the renaming of rogue states to “states of concern.”

“This is the essential function of the anti-discrimination campaign,” notes one Hillary watcher. “If you can blur the line between democratically elected delegates and politcal hacks picked for their loyalty to the establishment, you can start to make people doubt their hold on reality.”

The campaign will make the effort to blur the line between several crucial primary topics, including:

  • Race & Gender: “There’s no difference between a Black man from Hawaii/Kenya/Chicago and a white woman from Chicago/Arkansas/New York/Dixie, they’re both among the most liberal senators in Congress!”
  • Florida & Michigan: “There’s no difference between states where Obama was on the ballot and where he wasn’t, Hillary should have won them all!”
  • Primaries & General Election: “There’s no difference between primary election results and general results, if Hillary can win all the Democrats in Florida without even campaigning, she’s a shoe-in for the general election in November!”
  • Healthcare: “There’s no difference between government healthcare and private healthcare, either way you die in the end!”
  • Abortion: “There’s no difference between a 3-month old fetus and a 9-month old fetus, they can both be terminated by a simple procedure!”
California’ Pro-Minority Birth Rate Bill
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June 16, 2013

California governor Nancy Pelosi signed the Minority Birthrate Equivalence legislation today. The bill, which requires all child-bearing couples to ensure that at least 50% of their offspring belong to “specified groups.” The law, which is retroactive to January, is designed to alleviate the pressure on California companies subject to the Minority Hiring Requirements Law of 2009.

Under the MHRL, all California companies are required to hire at least 50% of their employees from minority or “specified groups.” The specialty groups include racial minorities as well as the 27 “alternative sexual preference” groups. “This has been particularly difficult,” notes Henri Sunnible, professor of Social Quotas at University of California, Berkely. “You have to understand, that, by their nature, minorities represent less than 50% of the population.” Professor

“By encouraging families to have alternative children, and punishing those who do not, we will be ensuring that California companies will have a broad and diverse employee pool in 18-35 years, when these children enter the workforce,” explained Governor Pelosi.

The MHRL followed California’s passage of the Race-based Charity Enforcement Law, which required all charities to be at least 50% controlled by and donate at least 50% of their proceeds to “specialty group” charities.

NY Times Marks McCain as True Conservative
By Dan | February 20, 2008 - 11:30 pm - Posted in Politics & Policy, Media & Marketing

The New York Times has declared Arizona Senator John McCain not only the Republican front-runner, but a bonafide Conservative. In an attack piece worthy of the Democratic party opperatives that staff its newsroom, the New York Times questioned Senator McCain’s ethics and his marital fidelity.

“This is clearly a nod to McCain that, as far as the New York Times is concerned, he’s a conservative,” notes one Republican political operative who asked to remain nameless. “If the Times thought he was ‘mainstream’ or even left of center, there’s no way they would run such an attack dog piece,” agreed another anonymous pundit. “I mean, there aren’t any quote facts unquote in that piece that are alleged to have happened this decade. In fact, didn’t they mention the Keating Five? Wasn’t Obama in a madrassa back then?”

According to sources within the Democratic party, the next step will be to flip the alleged lobbyist/mistress by bribing her or her client, or destroying her personal career. “After that blows over, they’ll start calling McCain stupid or old or both. If that doesn’t make him a Conservative in the Times’ eyes, I don’t know what does.”

Asked if such libelous attacks will hurt McCain’s chances in November, most political commentators agree: “Not at all.  First off, an 80 year old having an affair is not the kind of slander likely to stick.  Second, having your ethics questioned by the Times is like having Kim Jong Il question your human rights record. “

Words That Have Impact
By Dan | - 12:32 pm - Posted in Politics & Policy, Best Of, Clinton

Hillary Clinton has been on the offensive against Senator Barack Obama. In an effort to bolster her argument that words have had little or no effect on national and international affairs, Mrs. Clinton has managed to explain away much of what her ideological opposites have said over the course of history:

  • Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” According to Mrs. Clinton, this was merely a neighborly request, aimed at increasing “curb appeal” in central Europe. After all, rising house prices benefit the whole neighborhood!
  • There is nothing to fear, but fear itself.” This, according to Mrs. Clinton, was nothing more than a tautology meant to rationalize a hurt and shocked public.
  • I have a dream today. That one day, men will be judged by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin.” This was merely a call for psychoanalysis and dream interpretation. People are clearly meant to be judge by their propensity for shady real estate dealings and their ability to profit from cattle futures.
  • I hear you. The rest of the world hears you. And the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon.” Nothing more than a mic check.
  • I know not course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death.” Nothing more than a statement of preference.
  • I wish to have no connection with any ship that does not sail fast; for I intend to go in harm’s way.” An admission of guilt to the crime of speeding.

No quote-a-thon would be complete, of course, without a historic quote appropriately referring to a modern politician. In this case, Abraham Lincoln referring to Barack Obama: “He can compress the most words into the smallest ideas of any man I ever met.”

Global Warming™ Stubbornly Avoiding Mediterranean
By Dan | - 11:41 am - Posted in Op Ed, Weather

Just to let you all know I haven’t forgotten, here is more proof of Al Gore’s failing hypothesis.  Snow storms are burying Greece and Israel.   In fact, the entire Mideast is covered in a blanket of frigid weather.  Not really known for the blizzard, this region is typically a desert environment, but cold weather and snow fall has been cancelling schools, and even endangering people’s welfare.

Of course, Al and his demented pals will say this is a side effect of Global Warming™.  This is complete nonsense.  It’s akin to saying that your temperature is dropping because you have a fever.  It’s nonsense.  Global warming cannot cause cold weather!  There is no physical explanation for it.

So, how do you explain changes in global temperatures?   There was an interesting article in the IBD recently about Maunder Minimums.   It’s a dead-spot in the solar cycles (there are 10-15 solar cycles with periods from 11 year to thousands of years).  When they are all at their minimum, the sun (and therefore the Earth) cools drastically.  Solar scientists are worried we’re headed into one now.  Funny enough, they’re thought to be preceded by a lot of erratic solar activity, right before the drop off.  The last time there was a Maunder Minimum, by the way, was in the late 1600’s (otherwise known as the mini-Ice Age).

Bundle up out there, it’s going to get nippy.