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British adult novelty store Ann Summers’s iGasm, which allows users to experience music on literally a different level, has spawned copycat devices.  Apple has threatened litigation over the unlicensed brand infringement, but that has not stopped computer lovers from further pushing the envelope in the personal pleasure pod market.

Among competing products are:

  • Winhos XXX: A customized version of the famous operating system.  In addition to taking your money, it also runs programs for other users without your permission.
  • Microsoft Orafice: Product description unavailable.
  • Microsoft Night Stimulator: A sex simulator modeled after Microsoft Flight Simulator.  The simulation begins at home, where the player will change outfits 15 times, walks to a taxi, then to a bar where several strikingly similar members of the opposite (or same sex) are congregating.  The player must then approach one such character, convince him or her to come back home with them.  The player then adjusts music and ambience.  Finally, just prior to undressing, the program causes a system protection fault and reboots the computer.  Cold showers are extra.

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